Marty Halverson is a freelance writer, poet, biographer, editor and author of the popular blog, TravelinOma.  "Arranging words is my art form." she says. "At midnight they start tumbling off my fingers and I write non-stop until four in the morning. They wait patiently in my computer until about noon, when I turn them into a collage of thoughts. Writing is the way I think." 

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1949, Marty met her husband Dee on a semester abroad in Salzburg, Austria where she developed a love for all things European. Sixteen years and seven kids later, they moved their family to York, England for a year, where she developed a love for all things British. Now, with twenty grandkids spread across the country, she is a traveling Oma, personally and professionally.

Marty and Dee started a public history company in 1986 and regularly visit archives across the USA, Canada, Europe, and the British Isles for research.  Her passion for history, writing and family has resulted in thirteen children's stories and two privately published family histories. Marty has also co-authored four biographies with her husband. Son of a Gun (co-authored with her uncle Melvin J. Bagley) is her first novel. 

Marty has been published in Woman's Day, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens, Travel and Leisure, The Friend and The Ensign. Her on-line School Days Seminar and Write Stuff Workshops have had hundreds of participants, and she has been a presenter at BYU Women's Conference, and the Casual Blogger's Conference, speaking on writing. She agrees with Gloria Steinem: "Writing is the only thing that when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else."


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